Yellow Door Digital
7.png created a national job community. They acquired multiple companies, including, and are now celebrated on a local and national scale. Surprisingly, they had never ventured into digital marketing! That's where I came in.

I worked full-time as the first marketing manager for both and I established their digital marketing department, managed the digital team and developed and executed on a comprehensive marketing strategy, including:

  Creating digital experiences targeting their event marketing campaigns and attendees

  Developing their content and lead nurturing strategies for Facebook and LinkedIn

  Engaging followers and acquiring new ones with advanced social media promotion practices

  Implementing the first blog on both and, a key component behind outreach, brand development, and PR – defining all content strategy, targeting employers, customers and job seekers, and extending online reach

  Engaging 1M contacts through the creation and direct execution of a targeted newsletter

  Using Hubspot to generate leads through the creation of custom landing pages, forms and distinct CTA's for blogs and email marketing efforts, increasing leads by 200% in only 9 months

  Implementing an email automation platform (Salesforce ExactTarget) complete with list segmentation, IP address warmup, template creation, overall blog strategy and subsequent email marketing strategy – and management of action-driven email marketing campaigns for a variety of audiences at multiple points in the buyer cycle.


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