The Giant List of Holiday Marketing Ideas

The Giant List of Holiday Marketing Ideas

Whether the holidays are your busy season or your freak-the-hell-out season, they offer a prime opportunity for your business to engage and attract new customers.

Did You Know:

  1. More than 50% of holiday shoppers said they were open to purchasing from new retailers.

  2. After searching on Google, 76% of mobile shoppers have changed their mind about which retailer or brand to purchase.

Think about that for a minute: 76% of people have changed their mind about who to buy from, and even what brand to buy, after additional research.

Your potential and current customers are actively online, evaluating their purchase decisions like never before. How are you planning on addressing them this holiday season? 

It all starts with DATA đź’› 

You’re probably sitting on mounds of intriguing data about your clients and you don’t even know it.

Use Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Wordpress’ Jetpack plugin, or whatever other options you have available to segment your audience.

Here’s what youre looking for:

  • Last years holiday traffic.
  • What days were you the busiest?
  • On what types of devices?
  • Where did traffic come from?
  • Certain keywords?
  • What pages ranked highest?

Looking at your data, do you see any trends? Do you have an idea as to what people are visiting your site for, why and when?

Know Your Audience

Use your analytics findings to learn more about your audience. Use what you find and what you already know to create a picture as to what your potential customers are going to be looking for during the holidays. And don’t just think in reference to your company’s offerings - think in a broad sense as to what your typical customer will be looking for and what they will be doing during the holidays. And then, think about how you can help them.

The Giant List of Holiday Marketing Ideas:

Content Ideas: 

Content marketing is a great way to get your audience to your website, without being intrusive. Creating content that will help them also helps establish your know-how and credibility as a brand. 

Helpful Content:  Does work slow for your audience during the holidays? Create a piece of content about how to handle slow times, as it pertains to your audience. 

Decision Content: Is your audience deciding between your product and another? Why not give them the answers they’re already looking for and make a comparison chart comparing and contrasting your product and your competitors.

Holiday Resource Guide: You know your audience, and you know what pains they are dealing with this season. Address them by creating a resourceful guide that solves their problem.

Advertising Ideas:

Getting your products in front of your current and potential customers is an obvious, but sometimes tedious step to making sales. Below are creative ideas to help you effectively market your business. 

Personalized Ads: Try promoting a holiday advertisement on social media. But rather than just posting and praying (because really, what is the ROI of a Facebook post?) get personalized with it.

Reverse Marketing: Use your existing database of customers to cater to solely them with distinct messaging. Remind them why they should be visiting your establishment (either online or in person) with an ad that acknowledges that they are already a customer. This is done easily through platforms like Facebook Business Manager that allow you to upload email lists and use them to target ads.

Email Marketing: Create custom workflows for different audiences, based on how they engage with your website.  Through simple email automation, you can say thanks for checking us out, as well as offer a little nudge to encourage repeat visits based on what product they were checking out.

Product Placement: Create advertisements featuring the products you want to sell. Segment your audience to make sure that your advertisements are getting in front of the right people.

Popups: People are unlikely to make a purchase the first time they visit your website. Do your best to gather their information - pop-ups work great for this! - so that you can continue nurturing them to the point of sale.

Gift cards and Specials: The season of giving is just that, so why not make it easier for your customers to think of your business as a gift to be given? Create gift cards and advertise the idea of your business as a gift. Better yet, offer 2 for 1 gift cards and allow the giver to get a little, too.

Google Search: Use Google’s paid search campaigns to create a search campaign around the keywords people use to find your site. This will help to drive traffic to your website.

Brand Awareness:

While brand awareness is hard to quantify, it is an essential part of ensuring your company has an active digital presence. 

Host a Thank You Event: Even if you're an online retailer, it can be good to take things offline every once and a while. Host an event and thank your best customers!

Thank You Cards to Customers/Clients: Not much of a host? Personalized thank you cards are really great for brand affinity. Just make sure they contain some sort of personal touch.

Giveaway:  The oldest trick in the book! Why not host a giveaway that requires participation or the exchange of data? 

Partnership: Partner with another business that you share audiences with and offer 2 for 1 packages, partner to create a piece of content, or even host an event together. The dual audiences will help with brand awareness. 

Charity: Work with a local charity to drive donations and promote the fundraiser on social media. This altruistic action pairs well with the season!

Contest: Involve the community digitally by hosting a contest on social media that requires participation.



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